A CAMPAIGN group opposing new nuclear power at Bradwell-on-Sea said they are “deeply concerned” following comments made by an MP.

The Blackwater Against New Nuclear Group (BANNG) says former deputy prime minister Dr Thérèse Coffey had showed support for Bradwell as a “logical” landfall site for a substation and converter linking East Anglian offshore wind farms to the on-land national grid.

But BANNG has refuted those comments.

A spokesman said: “National Grid has made it clear that Bradwell is in the wrong place for the connection, would require upgraded transmission infrastructure and faces environmental constraints from the many designated areas on the Essex coastlands. 

“Bradwell is not, as the MP claims, already connected to the electricity network.

“Dr Coffey also suggests Bradwell is a large brownfield site. 

“In fact, the site is occupied by the long closed Bradwell A power station now in the process of decommissioning before being returned to greenfield land use.”

The group also slammed Dr Coffey’s statement that Bradwell hoped to generate nuclear power again in the future, calling it “preposterous”.

The spokesman said: “The communities and councils around the Blackwater estuary in Essex are overwhelmingly against new nuclear development at Bradwell. 

“Many years ago, BANNG gathered 10,000 signatures face-to-face for a petition against new nuclear development at Bradwell which was taken to Whitehall.

“Since then the Chinese developer, CGN, has withdrawn its proposals for a massive new nuclear power station in the face of implacable hostility from the local community.”