REVISED proposals to replace a planned care home into two apartment complexes has been granted permission by Maldon District Council.

The planning committee considered the proposal for an intended care home at the Burnham Waters development to instead become two apartment blocks, each with 20 flats.

The development’s initial plans included a care home situated in the central area of Phase 1, as well as 50 affordable apartments.

Despite efforts by both Burnham Waters and the council, they were unable to secure interest from any housing associations to buy the approved affordable 50 independent living extra care apartments.

Chelmer Housing Partnership agreed in principle to buy 20 affordable one-bedroom units on the site and the initial plan has been revised as a result.

After discussions with the planning department, Burnham Waters made an application to change the number of affordable homes to be delivered in Phase 1, from 50 independent living extra care units to 20 one-bedroom affordable units, with a payment made to the council for the balance of the affordable homes. 

It is intended for the council to use these funds to meet affordable needs across the district. 

A further 20 one and two-bedroom units, which will be available for private sale, have been approved in place of the care home. 

All apartments will only be available to the over 55s, and these 40 new homes will be delivered in two separate apartment complexes.

The council and the team at Burnham Waters will work together to deliver the revised proposals, with an amended agreement ensuring the continued provision of affordable housing.

Burnham Waters project director Ian Holloway said: “We are delighted that the council supports our proposed changes to Phase 1 at Burnham Waters. 

“We will now be pressing ahead on site in earnest, to get the newly approved affordable units delivered as soon as possible. 

“It is so important to us that affordable housing remains an inclusive element of the development, and these changes now offer a viable route forward for us all.”

He added: “Despite the approved changes, the care home remains a key component of the vision at Burnham Waters and will be delivered in a later phase.

“In addition to this, Phase 2 of the project will include the introduction of more affordable housing options.

“While Phase 1 focused on affordable apartments, at the request of the council, Phase 2 will also include 20 affordable bungalows, at the request of the council – to reflect local demand for housing of this type.”