A BUSINESS in Tiptree has launched a bid to expand its factory.

Mumford and Wood Timber Manufacturers wants the green light to grow its premises at Tower Business Park, in Tiptree.

The business makes all its windows and doors at the factory.

The east of the site is described as “undeveloped and overgrown shrubland”, which the business hopes to use for the extension.

A temporary industrial canopy has already been built and plans were granted in 2014 to meet the needs of the business, but a more permanent solution is now needed.

In the designs for the extension, a spokesman said: “Colchester City Council have granted the temporary retention of this structure on the site to allow Mumford and Wood to continue to operate on-site, however, both parties acknowledge that this structure is temporary in its form and nature, and a more permanent solution must be considered.

“Ingleton Wood, on behalf of Mumford and Wood, are delighted to share the plans for the permanent extension to the industrial unit, which would support the operational needs of this local business, securing its growth and to ensure the efficient use of space on an existing designated employment site.

“The proposal will bring with it a number of economic and social benefits, as well as improving the efficiency and functionality of the business.”

Colchester Council will rule on the application.