A NEW dog grooming parlour and doggy daycare will be set up at an address in Tiptree following the approval of plans.

Proposals for a change of use have been approved by Colchester Council.

The application submitted in August this year looks to transform the interior of buildings on the Ashley Bungalow site in Newbridge Road in Tiptree.

The structure of the buildings and site access will remain the same throughout the development.

The two small existing buildings were used for small-scale manufacturing and the outdoor space was used for horse exercise.

Maldon and Burnham Standard: Site: outside the proposed site in TiptreeSite: outside the proposed site in Tiptree (Image: Google)

The business owners look to have up to 15 dogs on the site at any one time.

A new 1.8m fence, formed of timber posts and wire mesh will be built around the external exercise area to maintain dog security.

A condition of the plans is that the business should not operate or be open to customers outside of 9.30am to 3.30pm on weekdays.

The business is not allowed to be open on weekends or public holidays.

The business also plans to collect and return dogs to and from their homes, with plans looking to create six full-time jobs.

There were three public objections submitted to the council which were outweighed by ten public comments in support of the new dog daycare and grooming business.

In one letter of support, a member of the public said: “The proposed owner of this business wanted to provide a beneficial service to the community.”

Another said: “I feel this proposal will be an asset to the local community.”

All objections from the public were over concerns about the possible noise impact on the area.

One member of the public said: “While measures have been outlined to mitigate noise levels including techniques to prevent nuisance barking, there will still be noise disruption to surrounding areas.”

The business owner did address noise concerns in the application, where she said: “It is important to us, and to the reputation of our business, that we do not have an unacceptable negative impact upon our neighbours or the surrounding areas.”

It was confirmed that the business will not retain customers whose dogs have “problematic barking”.