STREETLIGHTS across Maldon are set to be upgraded in a move to make them more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Maldon is one of the next Essex towns set to benefit from streetlight upgrades as part of an Essex Highways programme to help reduce maintenance costs.

More energy-efficient LED lights will be installed from the end of January to the end of March.

Maldon will be one of the last towns in Essex to have these changes completed.

The LED programme began in Essex in 2016 and will finally be finished in 2024.

So far 115,000 older-style lights have been replaced with LED ones, which is around 87 per cent of all the lights in Essex.

The lights are expected to improve visibility for drivers and other road users.

The new units save around 75 per cent of energy compared to the previous lights. They are also more efficient as they are expected to last up to 20 years, reducing the cost on taxpayers to replace the bulbs more frequently.

Essex Highways crews have been replacing around 600 lights a week - mostly in residential areas.

The lights also include a sensor which allows them to be monitored and dimmed remotely and any issues are reported automatically.

The rollout of the upgrade programme was previously delayed due to a shortage in parts caused in part by the Ukraine war. However, fitting the new lights is now back on track to be substantially completed by March 2024.

Tom Cunningham, cabinet member for highways, infrastructure and sustainable transport, said: "The rollout of the LED upgrade programme across Essex has been very impressive, and I'm pleased to see it's in its final phase.

“The Essex Highways team has worked very hard to remain on track despite delays out of our control, and the benefits of more energy-efficient and longer-lasting lights will mean reduced costs for taxpayers."

Around 95 per cent of the lights are said to be working as expected, with the remaining three per cent waiting for repairs.

Residents are still able to report issues with streetlights through the Essex Highways 'tell us' tool on the website.