"SCARED" parents are appealing for help to fund life-saving treatment for their son.

Five-year-old Ellis Wild, a boy with a heart of gold from Writtle, Chelmsford, is facing an immense challenge.

After he was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma at the age of three, parents Tracy and Amy have been locked in a battle against their son's aggressive and rare cancer, which offers a low chance of long-term survival.Maldon and Burnham Standard: Life-saving - Ellis in hospital Life-saving - Ellis in hospital (Image: Sarah)

Despite the successful removal of most of his primary tumour and rigorous chemotherapy, Ellis suffered a relapse.

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He underwent two trials, at Great Ormond Street Hospital and Southampton, and is currently undergoing palliative oral chemotherapy offered by NHS.

The disease's relentless progression has led the family to explore international medical trials, specifically a CAR T Cell therapy in Rome, which comes with a €270,000 price tag.Maldon and Burnham Standard: Support - To support the funding, Ellis's family has initiated a fundraising driveSupport - To support the funding, Ellis's family has initiated a fundraising drive (Image: Sarah)

The family have launched a fundraising drive to support the funding.

Ellis's parents said: "We remember thinking that Ellis had been through all this and for what?

"He was back to where he started. In fact, he was worse than when he started. How can this be fair?

"We so glad we've met some lovely people along the way, as they made this journey more bearable - caring nurses, kind charity workers and the other amazing children and families that are also fighting their own battles or have sadly lost theirs.

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"We are so scared. If this doesn't work then there’s nothing left in the UK that could help him."

Tracy and Amy have launched the 'Buy Ellis a Coffee to Save His Life Challenge', urging people to donate £3.50 - the price of a decent cup of coffee.

As the family fights against time and strives to provide their son with the best possible chance at life, they are appealing for support from the public.

To help out and donate, visit Ellis's Just Giving Page.