AN Essex resort has said it is closed for the remainder of the week as it continues to face a sickness bug.

Potters Five Lakes Resort, in Tolleshunt Knights, is to close until Friday after an ongoing battle with norovirus.

Norovirus, also called the winter vomiting bug, is a stomach bug which causes vomiting and diarrhoea.

According to the NHS, those suffering with the bug will usually start to feel better in two to three days.

In a statement, the resort said: “You may already be aware that our Five Lakes resort has been facing a bout of norovirus.

“While we've seen a reassuring drop in cases thanks to our exceptional hygiene practices and the tireless work of our brilliant team, a few stubborn bugs are lingering around.

“Therefore, with a heavy heart, we will close our doors temporarily - to do the right thing.

“On the advice of our friends at the UKHSA East and Maldon Council, we will have a firebreak, a short pause from Monday, June 19 to Friday, June 23.

“This break will give us a perfect chance to roll up our sleeves and unleash the steam cleaners, bleach, UV lamps and fogging machines to bid farewell to those last few bugs.

“Don't worry, though, this is just temporary.

“We'll be reopening our doors promptly on Friday, June 23, for a summer weekend, super excited and ready to welcome you all back with open arms.”

Maldon and Burnham Standard: Site - Potters Leisure Ltd bought the Five Lakes Resort in Tolleshunt Knights for an undisclosed sum in 2021Site - Potters Leisure Ltd bought the Five Lakes Resort in Tolleshunt Knights for an undisclosed sum in 2021 (Image: Google Street View)

Bosses also advised those planning a stay at the resort for a midweek break to avoid travelling and have said they will be contacting customers.

The statement continued: “To our dear friends planning to join us for the midweek break, we would like to ask you to hold off on travelling for now.

“We have a dedicated team to contact you early next week to discuss your options. And remember, your money is safe.

“We'll do the right thing by you, that's a Potters promise.”

The resort also said it is answering all queries “as swiftly as possible”, adding: “Thank you all for your unwavering understanding, support, and trust.”

“You truly are the best part of Potters Resorts, and we can't wait to see you all again soon.”

The resort was contacted for comment.