AN AWARD-winning radio broadcaster and documentary maker has released a new book based on his experience. 

Ray Clark's career in radio started in the 1980s when he was recruited to work on Radio Caroline. 

He often still broadcasts on the former pirate station alongside his popular programmes on BBC Essex.Maldon and Burnham Standard: Author - Ray Clark with his new bookAuthor - Ray Clark with his new book (Image: Ray Clark)

He has also presented for BBC Radio Kent, Suffolk and Norfolk.  

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The new book, Stay Tuned – I Could Say Something Brilliant at Any Moment, tells the tale of Ray as a young lad growing up in Burnham and listening to the radio.

He said: "I took the longest possible route to work for the radio, but since then I've presented breakfast shows on BBC radio, commercial radio, and broadcasted around the world.

"It's a dream come true, really. It's what I've always wanted to do."

Although Ray's first job was in an office, working for the BBC, he always wanted to "get on the radio". 

He said: "Even at that time, I wanted to get on the radio. But there was no chance that was going to happen.

Then a chum of mine encouraged me to work on the buses.Maldon and Burnham Standard: Stacked - new book talks about Ray's journey to become a radio broadcasterStacked - new book talks about Ray's journey to become a radio broadcaster (Image: Ray Clark)

"I thought that sounded more exciting than putting numbers on pieces of paper. I loved it, but I still wanted to get on the radio.

"By DJ-ing discos and goodness knows what else, the chance was there. But it wasn't the normal route that any sane person would take."

Ray went back to driving coaches for a year, until a friend persuaded him to get back on the airwaves after his confidence took a turn. 

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He has always believed that the roles in local radio are extremely important and "have to be done properly". 

Ray continued: "The trouble is people have different ideas as to what 'properly' is.

"Personally, I would like to see more successful local radio stations, rather than a few big ones."

Copies of the book are available to purchase on Amazon and local bookshops.