A WORLD famous cycling event is bringing professional cyclists to the streets of Maldon. 

Ford Ride London Classique is returning to Maldon for stage two of the race on Saturday.

Some of the best women cyclists in the world will be taking part in the event which is part of the UCI Womens World tour.

The following is a list of roads set for closure.

From 10.45am to 11.15am

  • Mill Road, Maldon
  • High Street, Maldon
  • Market Hill, Maldon 
  • Fullbridge, Maldon 
  • The Causeway, Maldon 
  • The Street, Heybridge 
  • Goldhanger Road, Heybridge

From 10.50am to 11.50am 

  • Maldon Road B1026, Goldhanger, Tolleshunt Major and Tolleshunt D'arcy
  • Church Street, Tolleshunt D'arcy 
  • South Street, Tolleshunt D'arcy 
  • North Street, Tolleshunt D'arcy 
  • Station Road, Tolleshunt D'arcy 
  • Whitehouse Hill, Tolleshunt D'arcy 
  • Colchester Road B1026, Virely
  • Maldon Road B1026, Great and Little Wigborough
  • Peldon Road, Great and Little Wigborough

From 11am to 12pm 

  • Wigborough Road, Peldon
  • Church Road, Peldon
  • Malting Road, Peldon 
  • Peldon Road, Peldon, Abberton
  • Layer Road, Abberton 
  • Oxley Hill, Abberton 
  • Abberton Road, Layer-de-la-Haye
  • Malting Green Road, Layer-de-la-Haye
  • Church Road/ Wigborough Road B1026 Layer-de-la-Haye
  • Layer Road, Great and Little Wigborough
  • Colchester Road B1026, Great and Little Wigborough
  • Layer Breton Hill, Layer Breton
  • Layer Breton Heath, Layer Breton

From 11.30am to 12.30am 

  • Birch Street, Birch
  • School Hill, Birch 
  • Lower Road, Birch 
  • Maldon Road B1022, Birch
  • Smythes Green, Layer Marney 
  • Clears Road, Layer Marney
  • Newbridge Road, Layer Marney
  • Chapel Road, Tiptree 
  • Station Road, Tiptree
  • Maldon Road B1022, Tiptree 
  • West End Road, Tiptree 
  • Priory Road, Tiptree 
  • Grange Road, Tiptree 
  • Windmill Hill, Tiptree
  • Highfields Lane, Messing, Inworth, Kelvedon 
  • Kelvedon Road, Great Braxted 
  • Braxted Park Road, Great Braxted 
  • Lea Lane, Great Braxted, Little Braxted 
  • Kelvedon Road, Little Braxted

From 12pm to 1pm  

  • Tiptree Road, Wickham Bishops
  • Witham Road, Wickham Bishops
  • Blue Mills Hill, Witham 
  • Maldon Road, Witham 
  • Station Road B1018, Wickham Bishops
  • Church Road, Wickham Bishops
  • Blacksmiths Lane, Wickham Bishops 
  • The Street, Wickham Bishops 
  • Maypole Road, Wickham Bishops, Great Totham, Heybridge

From 12.30pm to 3pm 

  • Langford Road, Heybridge 
  • Maldon Road B1019, Langford 
  • Hatfield Road, Langfield 
  • Maldon Road, Langford 
  • Link Road, Hatfield Peverel
  • Ulting Road, Hatfield Peverel
  • Nounsley Road, Hatfield Peverel
  • Sportsman Lane, Hatfield Peverel
  • Crabbs Hill, Hatfield Peverel
  • Mowden Hall Lane, Hatfield Peverel
  • North Hill/ Worlds End, Hatfield Peverel, Little Baddow
  • Spring Elms Lane, Little Baddow 
  • Little Baddow Road, Woodham Walter 
  • Church Hill, Woodham Walter 
  • Oak Farm Road, Woodham Walter 
  • Old London Road, Woodham Walter 
  • London Road, Maldon
  • High Street, Maldon
  • Market Hill, Maldon
  • Fullbridge, Maldon 
  • Maldon Bypass A414, Maldon