THE MALDON Society has announced an upcoming event featuring a renowned naturalist from the county.

On Thursday, June 1, nature enthusiasts and curious individuals alike will have the opportunity to attend John Buchanan's captivating talk titled 'Wildlife of Maldon'.

The illustrated presentation will delve into the diverse range of habitats and species found in and around Maldon, with a special focus on the avian population.

For the past two decades, John Buchanan has been an integral member of a dedicated group of naturalists who have diligently documented and captured photographs of the wildlife flourishing in and around the town.

Mr Buchanan's wealth of knowledge and firsthand experiences promises to provide attendees with a unique glimpse into the wonders of Maldon's natural world.

The event will take place in the Cygnet Room behind the Swan Hotel in High Street.

Doors will open at 6.30pm, allowing visitors ample time to peruse the notice board, which will showcase the latest planning applications affecting the area, with the talk starting at 7pm.

The Maldon Society is asking for donations. 

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