A PLAN to improve a village which has been almost ten years in the making has finally been approved.

The Tiptree Neighbourhood plan gives Tiptree residents a say in how they want the village to look in the future.

The now approved proposal sets out a vision for Tiptree to keep its village feel while strengthening the community through sympathetic development with a “sustainable economy and robust infrastructure”.

The plan states: “New development has, in the past, been imposed on Tiptree without the protection of a Neighbourhood Plan and consequently the village has been left with a lack of infrastructure and poor road layouts.”

Maldon and Burnham Standard: Tiptree village: aerial view of TiptreeTiptree village: aerial view of Tiptree (Image: Newsquest)

As part of the Government's commitment to building housing, Colchester Council is required to deliver 14,720 homes by 2033.

Tiptree is required to deliver 600 homes as part of this, which includes the development at Barbrook Lane.

The plan aims to protect green spaces, enhance community infrastructure and to improve movement through Tiptree.

Jonathan Greenwood, Tiptree Parish Council chairman, said: “Obviously we are delighted with the referendum result. A good turnout and 84 per cent support from the community is very encouraging.

“The Neighbourhood Plan will shape development in Tiptree over the next ten years and should protect us from planning appeals and the kind of speculative development that has been so damaging to Tiptree in the past.

Maldon and Burnham Standard: Council chairman: Jonathan GreenwoodCouncil chairman: Jonathan Greenwood (Image: Jonathan Greenwood)

“Well-planned development can solve many of the potential problems brought by new development ‘as we build’, whereas speculative development creates problems and in the end is unsustainable.

“The Neighbourhood Plan has allowed Tiptree to take decisions now that will ensure sustainable development into future plan periods.

“The Neighbourhood Plan has been almost ten years in the making and has involved a great amount of volunteer effort from the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, the NP working group as well as the parish council.

“We are grateful to all those who contributed over the years to achieve what we are celebrating today.

“We are also grateful for the feedback we have had from Tiptree residents and the support provided by Colchester City Council Planning department and our planning consultant from Navigus Planning.”