A PUBLIC pond will be completely drained for the next month whilst repair works are carried out.

Grove Pond, opposite Asda in Tiptree, is undergoing repair works which has already seen the area begin to be cleared.

The deterioration of the walkways around the pond caused by root damage will be repaired.

The walls of the lake will also be repaired to fix the issue of the brickwork falling.

In the plans from Tiptree Parish Council, it states the current walkway provides a trip hazard for walkers.

Stunning and netting of the fish in the pond has been completed to remove them before the works begin.

The fish have been transported to an off-site holding tank whilst works are being carried out.

The draining of the pond will start tomorrow and the remainder of the fish will be removed.

Works were initially delayed to ensure that the duck nesting season had finished.

Existing brickwork will be jet washed and failing brickwork will be replaced.

The plans look to introduce some aquatic planting to keep phosphate levels lower in the pond.

The pond is expected to be back in operation in mid-October.

A spokesperson from Tiptree Parish Council said: “The work entails a complete draining of the pond, in order to repair the bricks and mortar work that have been shifted by roots from the surrounding trees.

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“We will also be ensuring the silt is safely re-utilised.

“It is not envisioned there will be any interference with road traffic and pedestrians may be asked to detour slightly away from the pathway while the work is underway.

“The total time for all works to be completed is expected to be approximately seven weeks.

“Work on draining the lake will commence on Tuesday, August 30 with the remainder of the fish that were not captured on first pass scooped up at this time.

“The slight delay in starting works is to ensure that the duck nesting season is over before we commence works.

“The re-vamped lake should be back in operation and stocked with fish in mid-October.”