A garden centre is providing tips on supporting plants during the heat as temperatures continue to soar.

The effects of the hot weather on Perrywood Garden Centre have meant the plants have had to be watered more often than normal in recent weeks.

The team in Tiptree have been setting more time aside to make sure all the plants are being looked after.

Staff say they already do their best to preserve water as much as possible andare proud of their environmental credentials.

Essex was already the driest county in the region, without the impact of recent baking temperatures.

Perrywood spokesman Louise Smith said: "The prolonged period of dry weather is not ideal, but our team are doing a great job of keeping plants well watered whilst being mindful of being as sparing as possible and avoiding wastage.

“Through our 'Plant Hope', we are also encouraging our customers to become more sustainable by conserving water in the garden and providing lots of tips on coping during a drought."

Their Plant Hope campaign highlights the importance of being more sustainable and supporting the environment.

The centre encourages people to save water, attract bees and butterflies, grow your own food, switch to peat free soil and buy locally.

Staff have been telling customers that freshly planted perennials, shrubs and trees need watering more frequently until they have established a sound strong root system.

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Louise said: “During a heatwave, our team water first thing in the morning or in the late afternoon wherever possible, and always avoid watering during the hottest parts of the day to save wasted water through evaporation.

“Each team member is trained to water efficiently to ensure that the plant only receives the amount required and ensure the hose is held directly over the pot to save wastage.”

The garden centre has a section on its website with more tips and suggestions on preserving water.

They have many suggestions including using a water butt or buying drought-tolerant plants such as buddleja, lavendar, sedum and rosemary.

For more advice, go to perrywood.co.uk/gardening-tips/save-water-garden.