HUNDREDS of people took part in sporting events in Maldon at the weekend.

The Maldon Triathlon, the Big East Triathlon and the Tour of the Dengie cycle race took place in the Maldon district.

The events were staged by Active Training World, who organise sport events across the UK.

The Tour of the Dengie cycle had a total of 60 participants taking part on Saturday.

The cycle started and finished at Maldon Promenade Park.

The route took cyclists for up to 115km around the Dengie Peninsula.

Temperatures reached 28 degrees on Sunday during the event.

More than 70 people took part in the Maldon Triathlon sprint, four people took part in the sprint Aquabike, 85 took part in the standard triathlon and five people took part in the standard Aquabike.

A total of 259 people took part in the Big East Triathlon and six took part in the Big East Aquabike.

The triathlons took place alongside each other on Sunday from Maldon Promenade Park.

James Shipley, managing directorm said: “It was something for everybody to get involved with, people that wanted to take part or people that wanted to test themselves.

“It was testing conditions on Sunday because the sun was out and there was loads of spectators all lined up along the promenade.

“The entire length that the swimmers had to do was lined with people.

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“We had to throw up six extra gazebos just because there were so many people watching at the finish line.

“There were 5k laps of the running so it meant people could cheer people on at every lap, so it was a very spectator-friendly event.

“There must have been thousands of people there.

“The weekend was a huge success and we’re looking forward to coming back next year.”