Two teachers from Maldon were recognised in the latest prestigious education awards.

The ninth annual Essex Teaching Awards took place last Wednesday, which provided an opportunity to celebrate the outstanding educators and support staff working in a variety of education sectors.

The awards brought to light the outstanding teachers from primary, secondary, special, and early years schools across Essex.

A pair from Plume Academy in Maldon was recognised at the ceremony - both in the Student Choice Award category.

Leeza Ahmed won the award and Dr George Georgiou was highly commended.

Leeza was described as a professional, genuine and confident teacher, as well as a passionate, pleasant, and devoted educator.

She consistently provides engaging lessons, creates positive energy within the classroom, gives detailed and helpful feedback when marking exam material, and encourages each student to reach their full potential.

Essex County Council education boss Tony Ball said: “I’m sure we can all remember a teacher, member of school staff, or an early years staff member who made a difference to our lives in some way.

“The Essex Teaching Awards give us the opportunity to highlight and celebrate the positive impact these individuals have on the lives of children and young people across Essex.

“I would like to congratulate everyone who won an award, was highly commended or nominated this year.”