The ‘biggest and most notorious’ pothole blighting a village has finally been repaired.

Safety had become a major concern for residents with potholes growing larger and paint getting thinner on the roads.

After campaigns from residents about the risks, the pothole in Maldon Road, one of the main roads in Tiptree, has finally been fixed.

The road had been repaired in 2016 but the pothole returned and has blighted village motorists until now.

Campaigning online caused the Home Secretary and Witham MP Priti Patel to recognise why there was such a concern for public safety.

She called for fixing of potholes, resurfacing and the repainting of roads and pedestrian crossings in the areas.

Residents hope this pothole fix is just the start as there are other risks with more potholes and deteriorating surfaces in Rectory Road, the mini roundabout outside the Factory Shop and Braxted Park Road.

Tiptree parish councillor and Ms Patel's constituency liaison Stuart Gulleford said: "I was particularly pleased to see that one of the extra big potholes has been repaired." 

Mr Gulleford put a lot of work into pushing for the repairs but said: "Priti Patel was the catalyst to actually getting some action.

"Local people tend to be cynical about politicians and want to attribute it to a desire for cheap publicity but that is not the case here." 

He said that she visited on a Sunday afternoon and even added Rectory Road as an additional site from her own knowledge.