A COUNCIL boss has vowed to ensure dangerous roads are dealt with after meeting with the Tiptree MP to discuss the deterioration of the village roads.

Lee Scott, Essex County Council cabinet member for highways maintenance and sustainable transport, alongside Tiptree councillors, met with MP and Home Secretary Priti Patel to discuss the state of the roads, pavements, streetlights and transport infrastructure.

Mr Scott was briefed on key issues and taken on a tour of the village's pothole blackspots.

Commenting after the meeting, Ms Patel said: “There is no question the village’s roads have deteriorated badly in recent years and repairs are urgently needed in some areas.

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“I hope Mr Scott use his influence to ensure Tiptree gets the priority it deserves.”

Mr Scott said: “I will be working to ensure that the dangerous delaminated (decaying road surface) and potholed areas are dealt with as soon as possible. Several have already been marked up for action.

“In some areas, there is more delamination than I would expect to see.

“Therefore, I am going to ask the county’s officers to determine whether there is any underlying cause for it.

“The results from their investigations will provide guidance on how best to effect lasting repairs.”