I AM the vice-chair and historian for the RAF Bradwell Bay Preservation Group.

As a group we are trying to preserve as much of the airfield as we can and certainly researching in depth the history and stories of the airfield.

The airfield is under threat of having a second nuclear power station built on the site.

To commemorate the contributions made by both military personnel and civilian workers to the success of this much overlooked airfield we plan to hold an event to mark the 80th anniversary.

This will take the form of a candle lit vigil on April 16 at 21.54hrs.

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This is the date and time of the first operational flight from RAF Bradwell Bay.

Hopefully if enough people attend with candles, lanterns, torches, and light sticks it will be quite spectacular.

We are also looking for volunteers for various events, such as our exhibition at Othona, and Fabulous 40s Event.

Contact us via Facebook/website.

Eric Simonelli

RAF Bradwell Bay Preservation Group