CONTROVERSIAL plans for a 28-home development opposite a primary school have been turned down.

Mr Marven unveiled proposals in December to build 28 new homes on his land at Manor Farm in Walden House Road opposite Great Totham Primary School.

The farm covers 35 acres which is predominantly grass cropped for hay for the livestock feed industry.

Of the 28 homes, the development would include 11 properties for social housing purposes which would all be two-bed units.

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The plans raised concerns with residents with almost 50 objection comments received stating reasons such as the encroachment on green space, increase in traffic and safety of pupils.

Mr Marven has lived in Great Totham all his life, a statement said, and so is familiar with issues in the area and in particular the parking problems along Walden House Road which occur during school drop-off and pick-up times.

One objector said: "This road is a nightmare at the best of times but with 28 dwellings most of which would probably have two cars each, this is going to be unbearable."

Maldon District Council turned down the outline planning application for reasons including the harm to the rural character of the area and the impact on highway safety.

An officer at the council who recommended refusal said in a report: "The application site is considered to be within a sustainable location. 

"No objection is, therefore, raised to the principle of the development. 

"However, the proposal would have a materially adverse impact on the character and appearance of the area, would have an adverse impact on nature conservation and is not acceptable in terms of highway safety and access."