A PEST control worker has beaten odds of one in 100,000 after a rare catch in Essex.

Josh Ketley, 27, first got into the pest control industry as his family runs St George’s Pest Control in Maldon.

The pest controllers were tasked with catching moles in a religious school grounds in Essex.

Full-time gardeners on the site said they’ve been trying to keep the site immaculate but the moles kept digging and spoiling the grounds.

Josh couldn’t believe his eyes when he pulled out one of his traps to reveal an albino mole.

He said: “With the common mole being black in colour the odds of finding a rare albino mole is estimated to be one in 100,000, this is definitely a pest controller's dream to catch one.”

Despite working in his family’s business for more than eight years, he says he’d never expected to catch something like this.

His uncle George, who founded the business, also remarked in his 35 years in the industry he had never found one.

Josh has since decided to find a taxidermist to preserve the rare mole.