RESIDENTS visited the ballot box as four candidates hoped to make it into Maldon District Council.

People in Wickham Bishops and Woodham ward voted on who they want to represent them yesterday, from 7am to 10pm.

The seat was previously held by Karl Jarvis, a former Conservative but later non-aligned independent, as he resigned from the district council earlier this year.

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A seat had also been made available in the town council's Maldon West ward after the resignation of Peter Stilts.

Who was running?

In the district seat, four people had been nominated.

These include:

  • Colin Leslie Baldy (Liberal Democract)
  • Simon John Neville Morgan (Conservative) 
  • Lance Patrick Peatling (Independent)
  • Matthew Wallis-Keyes (Labour)

Candidates for the town council seat included:

  • John Driver (Liberal Democract)
  • Tom Kelly (Local Resident)

Who won?

Conservatives gained a seat on Maldon District Council as Mr Morgan received 361 votes.

He beat Independent candidate Mr Peatling by 200 votes.

He also beat Lib Dem candidate Mr Baldy by 281 votes and Labour’s Mr Wallis-Keyes by 295.

Former solicitor Simon Morgan had said, according to a statement from Maldon Conservatives, he is “ideally placed” to support nearby parish councils with the adoption of their Neighbourhood Plans.

His key priorities are also speeding traffic, illegal encampments and littering.

Mr Driver gained the town council seat with 391 votes, 183 more than Mr Kelly.