AN Essex island popular with the rich and famous is set to star in a new murder mystery novel.

Osea Island is a privately-owned island, near Heybridge in Maldon.

The location is said to be frequented by stars such as Cara Delevinge, Kate Moss and Sienna Miller, as it is owned by music producer Nigel Frieda.

Husband and wife writing duo Paul Vlitos and Collette Lyons both stayed on the island and were inspired by their trip.

Under the pen name Ellery Lloyd the couple are set to release their up-coming novel The Club.

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The book is a twisty murder mystery as well as a satire of the A-list elite.

It follows the biggest names in film, fashion, music and art as they head to the Essex island for a party like no other.

Collette said:  "For years I worked in women’s magazines, I also ran the press room at The Elle Style Awards, a super glam affair, and some of the stories I heard in that time, some of the behaviour I saw was breathtaking. 

"So a group of entitled A-listers always struck me as the perfect cast for a thriller.

"And while working at Soho House, it occurred to me that a private members’ club would be the most brilliant setting for a locked room murder mystery starring them all.

"So I guess you could say The Club has slowly been brewing in my head for well over a decade."

The Club is set to be released on March 14.