A NEW strategy to tackle climate change in the Maldon district has been approved.

Maldon District Council’s new Our Home, Our Future strategy sets out five climate action pledges.

This includes “kick the car habit”, “create less waste” and “show nature we care”.

The pledges also include a commitment from the council to “be an authority that leads by example” and to “demonstrate a strong policy commitment to climate action”.

Council leader Richard Siddall said: “Since declaring a climate emergency back in February 2021, a great deal of work has gone into developing the strategy that will help us to focus on areas where climate action can be made between now and 2030.

“The strategy has identified a broad number of activities where the council, residents and businesses can be encouraged to invest, change behaviours and adopt greener ways of living.

Maldon and Burnham Standard: Council lead youth climate action friend Hattie Phillips Council lead youth climate action friend Hattie Phillips

“Much of this is dependent on investment, enabling important changes, and helping people to make positive, healthier choices and decisions.

“It’s vital that we improve our resilience to ensure we can be prepared for climate change that we unfortunately already experience. We have seen impacts of climate change locally, in particular flooding.”

Mr Siddall added: “The Maldon district has a unique landscape and environment, and we need to work together to protect our beautiful countryside and coastline.

“This will help all wildlife to be sustainable both now and to enable it to thrive in the future.”

Council lead youth climate action friend Hattie Phillips said: “I am hopeful and optimistic that the work the council is doing will support people like me and lots of other climate action friends in the community to have conversations, so that together we can help the district’s climate and nature.”