AN eco-friendly business owner is set to officially open his new ‘Yessam’ sustainable high street shop.

Edward Massey says he has had an entrepreneurial spirit since he was seven years old when he first had dreams of owning his own restaurant.

After completing a master’s degree in accounting at university, a few years ago Edward was diagnosed with a chronic disease which boosted his desire to start his own business while his health remains stable.

Edward said: “I was looking for a suitable convenience store location and when I first viewed 8 High Street in Maldon the word bakery came to mind, with its big kitchen.

“So I combined the two, to open up a bakery as well which is close to my childhood dream of having a restaurant.”

Edward calls himself the “Necessity Baker” because he didn’t even know how to bake bread before December.

“I want to thank those customers which have bought my in-store, hand-kneaded bread and have thought it was tasty and come back for more,” he said.

The new shop and bakery also has an eco-friendly twist, with the businessman joining the call for climate action.

He said: “I want this shop to be a part of the solution by growing our range to be more eco-friendly and reduce unnecessary plastic.

“Social justice is a passion of my heart and I believe that the best way of lifting people out of poverty is by having fair trade so we intend to expand our Fairtrade range to be good to people and our one planet.”

The business offers environmentally-friendly products such as bamboo toothbrushes and shampoo bars to reduce plastic, along with essentials and treats, as well as fresh bread made in the bakery.

The convenience shop opened in November but the bakery was unable to open until around mid-December as it was having hot water fitted and Edward says plumbers and electricians were “rushed off their feet”.

Yessam Limited is open from 7am to 9pm most days and its official opening ceremony is set to take place on Saturday, January 22.