SOME residents in the district have complained over a claimed lack of doctors appointments available.

According to the 2021 GP Patient Survey, which takes results from January to March 2021, 63 per cent of patients have a 'good' experience of making an appointment at Longfield Medical Centre.

And 31 per cent of respondents said they had a 'good' experience of making an appointment at Blackwater Medical Centre.

Both medical centres are in Maldon, where one patient told the Standard there is a severe lack of GPs.

A reader, who wished to remain anonymous, said of his experience at one GP surgery: "I explained I have found a lump and wish to get it checked out, to which I was told they are at capacity today and have no appointments available. 

"Even after I explained it could be cancerous and would be better to be caught early, I was told sorry there is nothing available and to call in the morning to try again."

He says the claimed lack of face-to-face appointments is down to a "distinct lack" of GP surgeries in Maldon versus the population. 

In response to the claims, a spokesman for Mid and South Essex Health and Care Partnership said: “Local GP-to-patient ratios are broadly similar in Maldon to elsewhere in Essex but from conversations with Maldon residents and councillors I’m absolutely aware some are finding it challenging to contact their surgery. 

"Our GPs and their teams are working tirelessly with us to deliver the national goal of Covid boosters for all adults while still providing high quality essential services.

“Additionally there are expansion plans for Longfield, future development for Blackwater as well as the ongoing development at Heybridge which are supported by our practices to improve services and patient care for our local population and future proof local primary care services.”