BUSINESS owners are seeking permission to keep a workers mobile home on their site for another three years - after a recent refusal.

Applicants seek planning permission from Maldon District Council to keep a temporary rural workers mobile home at Hall Meadows in Asheldham for a further three years.

The owners and applicants, Mr and Mrs Henson, have run the successful livery yard business since 2014.

The applicants say the reason for the extension of the time period for the mobile home in this location is to continue to live onsite.

This is needed, they say, to service the everyday needs of the livery business and the welfare of their horses.

This application comes after the refusal of a bid to build a permanent chalet style rural workers dwelling on the site.

A supporter of this new application commented: "The existing accommodation has proven unobtrusive in the landscape, and is essential to the successful livery business.

"It is unfortunate that this application became necessary, there were no valid reasons to refuse the planning application for a permanent dwelling."

However council planning officers said there was insufficient information submitted to demonstrate the "essential need" for a permanent worker's accommodation.

Maldon district councillors are set to discuss the new application on Wednesday, January 12.