A WELL-LOVED attraction in Maldon needs an estimated £150,000 to save it from closing indefinitely, a report has stated.

A report to Maldon District Council's strategy and resources committee has revealed the surface of the Splash Park in Promenade Park has deteriorated, despite repairs being undertaken in 2020/21.

Recent inspections have also highlighted the poor condition of the surface and identified health and safety risk of trip hazards and the risk of encouraging bacterial growth.

The purpose of the report was to consider a supplementary estimate for the cost of essential work to replace the surface of the Splash Park and for essential electrical work within the associated pump room - totalling up to £150,000.

>>> Maldon's popular Splash Park will remain closed until 2022

The report notes the Splash Park is a well-loved attraction used by residents as well as visitors from further afield.

It is also well used with the daily sessions frequently running at maximum capacity.

The report adds the facility had been "well maintained" but due to its age it has reached a point where the whole surface would need to be replaced.

The lifespan of the surface would generally be 10 years so it has lasted longer than expected.

The report continues: "Without the investment in a new surface the Splash Park will be unable to operate during 2022/23 and would remain closed indefinitely.

"The closure would be a significant loss to the district's tourism offer, as well as to local residents."

It recommends a £10,000 for the cost of the electrical work to the Splash Park in Promenade Park as well as £140,000 for the cost of resurfacing work is approved.

Bosses are currently looking to work in partnership to deliver the Splash Park for 2022/23 should members agree the recommendations in the report.

A partnership would offer a range of benefits, the report claims, which include increased operating resilience, opportunity to minimise risk of operating losses, maximising potential income and potential to offer wider benefits to Splash Park users through partnership working.

District councillors will discuss the supplementary estimate for work to Splash Park on Thursday, January 6.

If approved, works will begin in the spring.