A DECISION on a tyre shop's bid to extend its opening hours has been delayed after residents raised concerns.

Pit Stop Tyres at Red Lions Business Centre in Burnham Road has applied to increase its opening hours to 6am-8pm from Monday to Saturday.

The tyre shop currently opens at 8am on these days.

But its neighbour, Mr Bennett, has objected to the application due to “the excessive noise and smell from this unit over the additional 30 hours a week”.

He said: “Working from home now, my days are disrupted with vehicles vibrating the building and video meetings being interrupted by the other two auto repair units next to the gate.”

Mr Bennett urged councillors to refuse Pit Stop Tyres' application so their house can "continue to be a home".

The applicants agent however said the extended hours are required to allow the business' management team to undertake admin tasks.

He said: “As those who run small businesses will understand, it’s crucial to do that outside of the operating hours of your business.

“In turn, the extended hours will allow the business more economic activity which will allow more opportunities for staff and also more employment for others.”

Maldon District Council planning officers had recommended the application for approval.

An officer noted Environmental Health had asked for an additional condition to be added requesting the submission of a further noise assessment report in response to complaints it had received about noise on the site.

Councillors at a planning committee meeting on Wednesday, December 8, agreed to defer their decision-making to a later date so more information can be gathered.