PLANS to revamp a historic home in Maldon have been revised for the second time after a refusal recommendation.

Maldon District Council denied planning permission to refurbish and alter the historic home at 4 Silver Street, known as ‘Josua’, in August.

The bid to revamp Josua – which dates back to the early 15th century – was controversial with a resident at the time saying 85 per cent of respondents had objected.

It was turned down, despite officers recommending approval, due to concerns about proposed work to the cellar.

Because of this developer Eleven Cromwell Hill resubmitted revised plans last month which removed the major changes to the cellar and keeps the building’s car port.

Despite the changes and the application being supported by the conservation officer and Historic England, Maldon Town Council had recommended refusal.

This was because of concerns regarding the proposed galvanised steel doors which “would hermetically seal the cellars”, the extent of the proposed refurbishment of the Grade II* listed building and the “resulting impact on the historic street scene” in the conservation area.

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Now Eleven Cromwell Hill has submitted further revised plans “in the spirit of trying to work with the town council as well as other objectors”.

The new bid removes the steel doors from the proposed works.

However Neil Bresler, the developer’s director, has clarified both the revised plans the town council discussed and these new plans show there are no alterations to the frontage which he says means there is no impact to the street scene.

Maldon Town Council continues to recommend refusal of the applications due to “the excessive and unnecessary alterations to the structure” of the historic building.

The plans have received seven objections and two supporting – including the Maldon Society.

David Smye, on behalf of the Maldon Society, said: “The restoration, repair and sympathetic modifications proposed are needed to ensure that this impressive Grade II* dwelling is saved from further deterioration and past indifferent alterations.”

However one objector has commented: "These applications raise great alarm and concern from neighbouring properties and anyone owning a listed property in the town that has experienced their own intense scrutiny and restrictions on building work.

"If these applications are approved it will be open season for listed building owners to apply for multiple changes and assume the same support from the conservation department.

"These applications must be refused and a more sympathetic renovation must be called for to protect this and in turn ensure protection of other heritage properties in this town."

Maldon District Council will rule on the application.