AN eco-business in Maldon was greeted by a special visitor off the back of the COP26 summit.

John Whittingdale, MP for Maldon, recently visited Taylor Construction Plant (TCP), specifically the TCP ECO division of the business.

TCP is a family-run business formed in 1989 and has depots across the UK.

The core focus of the company is to manage changes from l fossil fuels to new renewable power sources and to provide environmentally friendly products.

TCP ECO specialises in hydrogen fuel-cell applications, such as mobile lighting towers and off-grid power.

In the hydrogen fuel-cells, the only output is water vapour, meaning there are no exhaust fumes or environment-damaging CO2.

Green energy is created from a chemical reaction between compressed hydrogen and oxygen in the surrounding air.

Andrew Barker, Managing Director at TCP, showed John Whittingdale a range of equipment that the company have that is powered by hydrogen fuel-cells.

The Maldon MP said: “In the week of COP26, I was delighted to visit TCP in Maldon who are at the forefront in developing alternatives to traditional fossil-fuel powered generators and lighting towers.

“It is great that a local firm is now a leader in the use of hydrogen fuel-cell technology which will make a vital contribution to reducing our carbon emissions.

“I was impressed to hear of the success of their Ecolite TH200 product which is now used by companies across the construction and events sectors and have no doubt that the future products in development will be equally successful.”