A YOUNG business owner is opening up his first shop in a town's high street after finding success online.

Kye Challis is set to move his online business into Burnham High Street with the launch of his brand new men's clothing shop.

The 19-year-old moved to Burnham just this year and since then he's opened a male clothing shop.

Kye said: "I used to work in retail before I welcomed my daughter in 2020 and moved to this area, I have successfully run the business online since July 2021 and it’s been growing ever since."

The young boss is opening the physical shop at 28a in the high street on Tuesday (November 16) at 9am after the business has gone from strength to strength.

"The reason why I opened my business is because I always struggled looking for clothing I liked in high street retailers the sizing was always different," he added.

"When my customers come to me I want their shopping trip to be enjoyable and feel comfortable whilst shopping, my target aim is to offer good quality clothing at affordable prices."

After noticing there isn't much out there in terms of clothes and accessories for men in Burnham, Kye decided to bring his business to the high street to benefit residents.

"Since opening my business my whole life has changed, it’s been amazing and thanks to all my customers so far."

When Kye opens the brand new shop there will be 10 per cent off all items to celebrate.

He commented: "I’ll be there on the day greeting customers and serving them."

Find Challis Clothing Connection online at challisclothing.com.

New lines will be added when the shop is launched in Burnham High Street.