EXPERTS have revealed the best spots for conker collecting, including a picturesque Essex park, offering insight to nature lovers across the UK.

As we settle into autumn, woodlands are filled with orange and yellow leaves, wildlife, and lots of conkers waiting to be discovered.

Among traditional family fun autumn activities includes searching for conkers, whether it be for a personal collection, or to find the one with the best chance of winning an old-fashioned conker-battle.

Motoring experts from have revealed their top spots for conker collecting across the country.

A spokesman for said: “Autumn is the perfect time to get wrapped up and explore the outdoors with the family.

“With so many beautiful rural and city parks across the UK, there is nowhere better to search for and collect conkers this autumn.

“Collectors should be cautious of the spikey green casing around the seed and only collect conkers which have fallen to the ground.

"The green casing splitting apart is a sign the conker has ripened.”

Among the top spots is Danbury Country Park, in Chelmsford, Essex.

Experts say this Chelmsford woodland is a "treasure trove" for those looking to grab a large haul of conkers this autumn.

Here are the other parks in the UK which were crowned among Danbury Country Park:

  • Hamilton Gault Park, Somerset
  • Dunham Massey, Cheshire
  • Victoria Gardens, Kent
  • Marple Locks, Stockport
  • Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire
  • Bute Park, Cardiff
  • Dawyck Botanic Garden, Scottish Borders