A BOOK by a garden centre owner looks at how nature can aid recovery from depression and illness.

Hannah Powell, who runs Perrywood garden centres, suffered burn-out 12 years ago and was diagnosed with a functional neurological disorder.

Her new nature and health memoir The Cactus Surgeon: Using Nature To Fix A Faulty Brain explores the possible reasons for the burn-out and her connection with nature, which helped her begin to feel herself again.

She said: “My functional disorder meant I would twitch and jerk in response to sound or touch.

“I looked like a peculiar air drummer with no rhythm. There was no information available to help me, so I found my own way to get better.”

Hannah found she felt more herself when she moved back to the countryside and after seeking alternative therapies.

She said: “My ‘green recovery’ followed. I believe we all benefit from having mindful moments, and this can easily be done by savouring the small wonders of nature around us.

“I wrote the book primarily to help others. I want to raise awareness of functional neurological disorders and I’ve found that every time I open up and tell my story it encourages somebody else to ask for help.”

The book is available to buy online at thecactussurgeon.com or at Perrywood garden centres.