Maldon Carnival’s annual Spot the Stranger competition was back after a year’s break because of Covid-19.

This year 69 shops took part in the competition, with more than 300 participants.

Participants had to find strange objects in shop windows along the High Street in Maldon.

These were objects put in by shop keepers which they do not normally sell.

The winner and the only person to find all the strangers was 10-year-old Emily Whitworth from Maldon.

Emily said: "It took me 5 to 6 hours to find all the strangers, I was out with my parents for 4 evenings.

"The best stranger was the Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle that was for sale by Holden Estate Agents.

"The hardest stranger to find was a Hot Water Bottle by Essex Beds." 

The mayor of Maldon, David Ogg with carnival princess Anya, presented Emily and third place winner Charlie Taylor, 7, with their medals and certificates.

John Clark, aged 13, won second place, but was unable to make the presentation.