A SAILING club enjoyed an eventful annual cruise day.

The annual Commodore’s Cruise is a fun day out for Blackwater Sailing Club members.

Activities such as a three-legged race, and an egg and spoon race, were enjoyed by many.

A fleet of 24 boats, including three Wayfarer dinghies, a Bosun, several dayboats and a range of cruisers from the sailing club, set out in the morning.

A group of 66 people and four dogs were on board the vessels.

Maldon and Burnham Standard: Blackwater Sailing Club members on the annual cruise day. Photo: Zoe NelsonBlackwater Sailing Club members on the annual cruise day. Photo: Zoe Nelson

The club anchored at Osea Pier for breakfast.

Then at 10.30am most of the fleet hauled up their anchors and set off for a sail to Bradwell beach. 

One dinghy decided to stay at Osea for the day, taking the opportunity to circumnavigate Osea Island on foot. 

For those who continued to Bradwell, the Club Stewards provided a RIB taxi service ashore for those in the fleet who hadn’t brought a tender. 

They also carried the large amount of food, drink, and seating that everyone had brought along. 

When they arrived at the beach, the games began. 

Team games were played, with the three-legged race and egg and spoon race providing the most entertainment for the supporters. 

Instead of returning home at the end of the tide the majority of the fleet were back on their mooring by 6pm, and ashore very soon after.

Despite rainfall ending the cruise, it was a fantastic day for the sailing club members. 

As well as fun days out, Blackwater Sailing Club also organises fundraising events for charities. 

Their recent race around Osea and Northey Islands raised money for The Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

A total of 46 boats took part in this year’s race. 

The first dinghy home was a Viper helmed by Neil McCulloch and crewed by Jane Arnold. 

The first boat home was an Optimist with Jessica Welch at the helm. 

At the end of the race, £350 was handed to the local RNLI Vice Chairman Ken Harrison. 

To visit the club with joining in mind, email membership-secretary@blackwatersailingclub.org.uk. 

For more details see www.blackwatersailingclub.org.uk.