MALDON district has been crowned the best place to sleep outdoors in the whole of the UK.

The coastal corner of Essex is the perfect place to camp and kip, a survey says.

Sometimes just having a good night's sleep is a key objective for holidaymakers.

For those opting for a staycation camping trip this year, finding a comfortable place to rest is more of a challenge.

Rain, wind, temperature, noise and light pollution can all affect a good night's sleep.

By comparing data from a variety of scientific sources a new survey has ranked 363 boroughs and districts according to their suitability for peaceful outdoor sleeps.

Scientific sources compared include the Met Office, Centre for Environmental Data Analysis and National Geophysical Data Centre. 

If low precipitation is a priority, Suffolk is best with the lowest rainfall.

While constellations are clearest in South Cambridgeshire’s clean skies.

But Maldon District tops the overall charts.

Low levels of rail and road noise in the district combined with minimal light pollution mean there’s plenty of opportunity to doze comfortably or stay up and stare at the stars.

There are a host of other reasons which make the UK’s number one outdoor sleep a great place for a staycation.

For one, it produces the best salt.

Hand harvested by the Osbourne family since 1882, Maldon Sea Salt have been awarded a Royal Warrant.

Also, every April competitors attempt a 400m scramble in the famous Maldon Mud Race across the bed of the River Blackwater at low tide – all in aid of charity.

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This year's event was postponed until next April.

In addition, the district boasts a range of wildlife - especially birds.

The much-loved Old Hall Marshes Nature Reserve is a refuge for many wetland bird species including dark-bellied brent geese.

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