A FOOD parcel service has made thousands of deliveries to families in Maldon during the pandemic.

Before Covid, people who needed an emergency food parcel had to get a referral in the form of a voucher.

They could get vouchers from the Citizens Advice Bureau, doctor’s surgeries, other family charities and some NHS services.

However the Maldon Food Pantry now gives anyone who goes to them a food parcel as it has been so difficult for them to get a voucher since the start of the pandemic.

Between March and June the service delivered 1,041 food parcels to 2,202 people in the Maldon and Heybridge area.

The church asks service users to come in and pick up a parcel if they can but has also delivered to older people and those self-isolating.

Spokesman Rob Sefton said: “Normally over the summer months the demand for food parcels goes down, however this summer it has stayed high.

"This demand has been caused by deliveries to people who have had to self isolate due to Covid.”

Supermarkets and companies such as Tesco, Greggs, and Rotary clubs, have been helping with donations.

The service thanked all those who have supported the Maldon Food Pantry with food and cash donations over recent months.

Mr Sefton said: “It is important for me to note that the members of the public make up the majority of the donations we receive either in food items or finances.”

The Maldon Pantry is part of Churches Together in Maldon.