THE closing weekend for Maldon Festival was cancelled due to Covid exposure.

Maldon Festival's closing concert on Saturday was cancelled as organist William Foster had to isolate after being exposed to the virus.

Festival spokesman Colin Baldy said: "It was a disappointing end to what has been a really successful festival.

"We are however really glad that we persevered and mounted the festival this year because we had good and really appreciative audiences. There is clearly a thirst for a return to live music in Maldon."

"The 'star' of this festival really has been the new organ in St Mary’s. People have been really impressed and excited by it, even those who didn’t know that they liked organ music."

The concert which was set to take place Saturday is being rescheduled to September 18 and organisers hope to reschedule the other events that suffered due to Covid, creating a mini festival weekend.

The festival has one more event still to come this Friday which was rescheduled from July 2, the Silent Movie Night.

In it favourite from two previous Maldon Festivals, Jonathan Eyre will be improvising the musical accompaniment to Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights this Friday at 7.30pm.

Eyre is a leading light in the Cinema Organ Society of Great Britain.

Tickets already purchased for July 2 will still be valid and tickets for Friday's event can be booked via the festival website.

For more information and to book tickets for upcoming events visit