A NEW cash-back scheme to encourage people to shop in Maldon town centre is being launched.

Parking Payback gives shoppers the chance to reclaim the cost of council car parking.

It is being launched this week by the Maldon Business Group, which was set up almost three years ago by businessman Michael Pearlman to keep the High Street vibrant.

Shoppers can take their parking receipt into stores and get 50p off their bill if they spend a certain amount.

The receipt can also be used to claim a discount in more than one store in a bid to encourage people to visit more local businesses.

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Mr Pearlman said: “The public are reluctant to pay for parking.

“Parking Payback gives them a chance to receive money back on their purchases.

“When Maldon District Council installed the new parking meters in the town, I asked if the machines could issue a receipt.

“The parking meters will have a Parking Payback sticker on them explaining the scheme.

“The public can take the ticket into any shop in the High Street displaying the Parking Payback sticker in the shop window.

“By showing this to the shopkeeper they will receive a refund of their purchase of £0.50.

“The sticker will display the amount of money they need to spend in that particular shop to receive the refund.”

Mr Pearlman added: “This is not just a one-off purchase. They can move on to another shop displaying the sticker and make another purchase and receive another refund of £0.50.

“The more they spend in different shops the more money they will receive back.”

Mr Pearlman says a number of businesses have already signed up for the scheme and he would be visiting all the shops in the High Street and issuing them with the stickers if they want to take part in the initiative.