A KEEN walker is hoping to walk one million steps in one month.

Lucy Cummins from Mayland accepted a friend's challenge to achieve the milestone during June.

On average Lucy, who is a keen power-walker, will have to walk more than 33,000 steps a day.

In 2019 she completed her 50th marathon, 18th ultra-marathon and 103rd power-walking event.

But lockdown put a stop to her physical life.

Lucy said: "Lockdown and Covid has been hard on many levels including fitness, which has been very different from 2019 and normal life when physical classes and events were part of every day.

"Over the past 15 months these have been replaced with fantastic online classes with Joani St Cliere and Essex Health and Fitness and virtual power-walking events.

"Thankfully life is beginning to return to normality and events are slowly opening up, along with physical classes."

Since her first marathon in 2006, Lucy has been an avid supporter and fundraiser for Walk The Walk, a breast cancer charity.

She has already smashed her target of £7,000 thanks to generous donations.

To donate go to walkthewalk.enthuse.com/pf/lucy-cummins-ed0a8.

There is also a competition running to guess the number of steps Lucy will achieve, with the nearest winning a prize.