A SECONDARY school has revealed a number of its pupils are now self-isolating following an outbreak of Covid-19.

The Ormiston Rivers Academy in Burnham-on-Crouch warned parents yesterday (June 2) about the revelation.

As a result, they are reported to have told parents to get their children tested for the virus urgently.

A number of Year 11 students at the school are also understood to be self-isolating with the school also in consultation with Public Heath England.

Following initial reports, the school has now confirmed the news.

They say that, as pupils remain in strict bubbles during the day, the spread of the virus likely occurred as Year 11 students met up outdoors after their final day before half-term.

Despite the Covid fears, the school says it is safe for them to remain open for other students and will be safe to reopen following the break on Monday, June 7.

It comes as students recently broke up for their half-term holidays.

It is likely that self-isolating pupils will miss the rest of their holidays, which end on June 7.

Reports have also suggested it will be mandatory for pupils to wear masks upon their return to class on Monday.

A spokesman for the academy said: “Following a small number of students in Year 11 testing positive for Covid-19 and in close consultation with Public Health England, all Year 11 students are now self-isolating.

“All students are kept in separate bubbles during the day at the academy but a number of Year 11 students gathered in the park after their final day of the academic year.

"As a result, the year group is now self-isolating and taking PCR tests as a precautionary measure.

“The academy is safe to remain open to all other students, as a result of the numerous stringent safety measures we have put in place.

"Our absolute priority continues to be the health, safety and wellbeing of our whole school community and we will carry on working closely with Public Health England to ensure we are taking all the necessary precautions.”