A PSYCHADELIC band who released their debut album during lockdown has attracted the attention of a record company from across the pond for their second album.

The Magic Garden is made up of singer and pianist Aimee Hart, her mother Carole Hart, guitarist Jon ‘Greavesey’ Greaves and drummer Louis Bartlett.

Aimme and Carole, from Heybridge, alongside Jon, from Southminster, started their trio cover band Hartbeat in 2019.

Driven by the sounds of the Sixties and Seventies and specialising in close harmonies, they quickly picked up a strong reputation on the Essex music circuit.

However, when the pandemic struck last year, they had to cancel most of their 2020 gigs.

Using the free time, they started writing their own songs for their debut album by collaborating over email and Zoom calls.

Following the success of their first album Edward Jazz And His Circus Of Sunflower People, released in December last year, they are now writing their second album with New York-based company Bentley Records after signing a one-year development contract.

A band spokesman said: “Work has now begun on album number two, for which it was decided to recruit a fourth member, Louis Bartlett, on drums, to bulk out the sound.

“All being well, the four of them should begin recording sessions in early June.

“It will consist of more original songs including one written by Aimee about Keith Harward, from Virginia, USA, also known as Tater Blue who in 1983 was wrongfully convicted of murder and served 33 years in prison before finally being exonerated in 2016.

“Keith himself has heard the song and was very moved by it and he and Aimee have since struck up a good friendship.”

Bentley Records is an award-winning record company formed in 2013 which has collaborated with big names such as rap artists Snoop Dogg and Fat Joe.

For details, visit magicgardenmusic.co.uk.