ANTI-NUCLEAR campaign groups have urged political candidates standing for the Essex County Council elections on Thursday to support their cause against the building of a new nuclear power station Bradwell B.

The Blackwater Against New Nuclear Group and the Bradwell Action Network hope to get candidates on their side in time for the elections, with responses being posted on the groups’ respective websites.

Both groups are encouraging residents opposed to the Bradwell B project to contact their Essex County Council candidates asking them to make their views known.

A spokesman for both groups said: “We have written jointly to candidates asking for their views on the Blackwater environments and communities being devastated and transformed into a major industrial complex, and on spent nuclear fuel and other radioactive materials being stored on-site until at least the middle of the next century, leaving a huge burden for future generations.

“This is all for a project which is not needed and would not be completed in time to contribute to reaching the UK’s Net Zero carbon target by 2050.

“Bradwell B would have an impact not only on the Blackwater area but also further afield in Essex.”

The Bradwell B nuclear power station is a joint project by CGN and EDF to replace the former Bradwell A nuclear power station was decommissioned in 2002.

Its backers claim it will create 900 permanent jobs as well as 9,000 jobs during construction.

The team made significant progress last year completing the first stage of public consultation, environmental impact assessment scoping and securing an electricity generation licence.

However, there is no start date for the project as a range of other tests have to be completed.