A MUSICAL duo have overcome the challenges of the pandemic to release a new album.

Ernie Lamprell and Julian May, who together make up Dengie duo Light and Shade, have released a 15-track album called Then and Now.

It contains a number of well-known songs sung by Julian from I Love to Boogie to Rainy Night in Georgia, all mixed in with some fabulous instrumentals by Ernie, including the classic tune Wonderful Land, which was originally recorded by the Shadows.

Ernie and Julian are also part of Rich Clifford and the Young Once, who play classic music from the 1950s to the 1980s, including many Shadows and Cliff Richard hits.

When the coronavirus locked down the country and bands were no longer able to meet to rehearse or more importantly perform, the duo still wanted to be creative and continue to hone their musical skills.

Ernie said: “Julian and I have produced three other albums while operating as Light and Shade.

“As people, we are wired up quite differently, but these differences complement each other.

“The musicality of what we do is the highest priority.

“In working with Julian, I have the advantage of working not only with a great person, but also a great singer.

“We are very much in tune with the creative musical ideas that we put on the table.

“Lockdown has enabled us to reflect and to reconsider what life is all about.

“It has also provided time to be musically productive.

“This is why we have been able to complete our new album.

“Even though we could not physically work together, the recordings done pre-lockdown and technology enabled us to finish the process, resulting in our current album release.”

Julian added: “As lockdown is being eased and the roadmap is opening up venues in due course, we hope we will be able to go back to performing in front of a live audience soon as the duo and within the band.

“We live to perform and share our love of music with others.”

The album costs £7.

For more details, contact Debs Records on deb-eric-elliott@hotmail.co.uk.