RESIDENTS’ concerns about police presence and speeding cars have been raised at a council meeting.

Tiptree parish councillors discussed the issue of policing in the village and were considering stepping up patrols after being approached by Essex Police with the proposal.

However, this would involve the parish council having to stump up for the overtime bill, which raised concerns about double taxation, with villagers having to pay twice for policing, and also about effectiveness.

Another issue was speeding, which was reported on by councillor Rhys Smithson, who brought up the incident of a near-miss on West End Road.

Councillors then debated about the feasibility of reviving the Speedwatch group, which was disbanded several years ago.

They decided to discuss the issue at a future meeting.

Parish clerk Rob Williams said: “There was one in the village previously some four or five years ago which lost steam.

“The policing we have had in the area has looked at speeding along the Maldon Road and Colchester Road primarily.

“They do find occasional speeders but not a significant amount.

“However, it is something that is a concern and therefore we are now looking to form a Speedwatch group.

“If the community is interested in helping out, we would like to hear from them about this.”

The next full meeting is set to take place on Tuesday (May 4).