SOME live in them, others laugh at them. It’s fair to say Essex has its fair share of rude, funny and frankly unexplainable road and place names.

From Butt’s Green to Dancing Dicks Lane, near Witham, the county's names have provided entertainment for many passers-by.

We have compiled a list of some of the highlights which have made both motorists and hikers alike smile on their travels.

Fiddlers Folley, Fordham Heath

What a way to kick us off, oddly named and raises so many questions.

Burnt Dick Hill, Boxted

Another of which the context is unknown, probably for the best.

Maldon and Burnham Standard: Boxted is certainly prettier than this road name suggestsBoxted is certainly prettier than this road name suggests

Rotten End, near Shalford

Despite its name, this pretty hamlet is actually a desirable countryside location with a host of attractive properties.

Pig's Head in the Pottage Pot Gant, Braintree

Frankly one of the oddest names you will come across, we couldn’t quite believe this was a real thing. Turns out Braintree is home to a number of oddly-named passages and alleyways, this being one.

Wigley Bush Lane, Brentwood

Slightly further afield, this lane certainly has a peculiar name to say the least.

Creasen Butt Close, Heybridge

Inhabitants of this small close can take salvation from the fact they are a short walk from the Blackwater navigation, or McDonalds – personal preference I guess.

Maldon and Burnham Standard: Camera club member Steve Wilkinson captured some of Heybridge's real beautyCamera club member Steve Wilkinson captured some of Heybridge's real beauty

Faggot Yard, Bocking

This location is definitely a victim of a word’s meaning changing over time. It can be found just down the road from Colchester Institute’s Braintree campus.

Turkey Cock Lane

Save the best until last, right? We’ve all heard of this iconic road name and the list wouldn’t be complete without it.