A DEVASTATED wife has pleaded for her husband to return home after police said they have exhausted all their leads.

Dad John Dick was last seen in Dovercourt in November last year.

Police have now stated they believe they have exhausted all the leads they have and are no longer actively looking for him.

Ex-Royal Marine John Dick was last seen in his hometown of Bury St Edmunds on November 30 at about 6.30pm.

It is understood the dad-of-two used his bank card and got a train ticket to Harwich that day.

The last confirmed sighting of John was of him getting off the train in Dovercourt.

He can be distinguished by his full arm tattoo sleeves, with Marvel characters on one arm and Horus Heresy characters on the other.

Just last month his wife, Lorna, said police believe Mr Dick is OK and someone is helping to keep him off the grid.

In a statement she explained how the family is heartbroken.

She said: “It has been 18 weeks of torture, not knowing if he is ok, safe, or in need of help. We need this best man home.

“John is a good man. He is not cruel or selfish so for him to be doing this is not like him and he must be desperate for help and support.

“Please John, come home. It is heartbreaking the children aren’t able to hug their daddy and it is torture not being able to tell them you are OK or that you are coming home.”

“We look for you in every passer-by and miss you every day.

“You are our world and it’s shattered our lives not to have you home.”