AN enterprising young girl has rolled up her sleeves and started her own business in her dogged pursuit to get a new pet.

Nine-year-old Lydia Ruffle, of Vine Road, Tiptree has wanted a dog for about two years.

Her parents Matthew and Claire said she had to show she was ready for the responsibility of having one by raising money towards it.

After collecting hundreds of pounds in the past 18 months, she decided to step up her fundraising game.

She began her own business called Lydia’s Hand-Crafted Dog Treats and set about making bags full of three beef-flavoured treats to sell for £1.

Residents living in the Tiptree area have taken to her initiative well and have placed more than 100 orders.

Dad Matthew, 39, said his daughter has always been a dedicated girl, having taken care of her pet rabbits by herself.

He said: “She’s been pestering me especially as to what jobs she can do to save this money up.

“She was up to £500 and then put the money into premium bonds and turned it into £625.

“She got the Matilda Ramsay cookbook for Christmas, which is where the dog treat recipe came from, made some and decided to start selling them on the driveway.

“She got packaging for 100 and was planning to do five weeks selling 20 a week.

“I put a post up on Facebook which went live at 1pm and by about 2pm, she had 39 orders.”

Lydia’s parents have been helping with the baking and ordering in packaging online.

The business has been a great success, with Lydia selling 140 bags in her first week alone.

“Yeah, she’s quite determined,” Matthew added.

Lydia Ruffle, from Tiptree

Lydia Ruffle, from Tiptree

“She asked me for an email address to get the pet plan quotes in, PowerPoint presentations, researching into breeds.

“We’re quite proud of her but it might mean the dog is coming much quicker!

“My only concern is both of us have our own businesses so it’s hard finding time at the best of times. She’s definitely down in my books for the future.”