People have taken to online technology like never before to keep in touch during this difficult time.

When we first went into lockdown, there were concerns on whether our networks would cope with this big increase in online traffic.

But, although customers’ usage of data more than doubled during the period, our networks were able to stand up to the demands.

I’m immensely proud of the role my colleagues have played in keeping the country connected during this crisis.

From the engineers who keep our broadband and mobile networks connected, to the vital contact centre staff helping people when they need it most.

I’m proud also of the role our people played in supporting the NHS during the crisis, including working with government to quickly provide communications to the temporary hospitals.

The pandemic has shown the vital role digital technology and internet connectivity now plays in all our lives.

If all homes and businesses are going to stay ahead, we know that fast and reliable broadband and good mobile coverage is going to be essential for the post-Covid recovery.

While BT Group continues to invest billions in these networks, we know that we can’t do this alone.

We’ll continue to work with governments and local authorities to make sure that no areas are left behind.

Jane Thomas

BT Group regional lead for the East of England