How long (not how many!) does it take to change a lightbulb?

We reported two streetlights were not working to our local council’s secretary on October 12, and they immediately contacted Essex County Highways Department, as it is their lights, and we reported again on November 3, stressing these lights were needed as the area is at a dangerous and dark junction.

Now we have reached November 13, and they still have not been repaired. No doubt awaiting weekend work! Possibly another excuse will be Covid.

Yet other utilities are still carrying out their duties (refuse collectors, Openreach BT, and Post people) which is much appreciated at a difficult time.

Come on Essex County Council Highways, now November 14 and they are still not repaired.

There can’t be that many bulbs that need replacing, give us “outlying areas” some service.

Gordon Carpenter, Tollesbury